About Me

Hello, my name is Kostia Naimark. I am a Freelance 3D Artist & Musician from Israel.

I have a great passion for the arts, music, and science.

Due to past work experiences as a Personal Trainer and Breakdance Instructor, I am very knowledgeable with the human anatomy, which is very beneficial for movement analysis with 3D characters.

My interests and skills are what makes me passionate of the whole creative process and I would welcome any challenge, or opportunity in order to expand my knowledge further.

I believe that it is the smallest details, which make the biggest differences, and while we all have something to offer, there's always something learned as well.

My skills

  • * Modeling
  • * Sculpting
  • * Texturing
  • * Shading
  • * Rendering
  • * Hair
  • * Cloth simulations
  • * Rigging

Kostia Naimark CV

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